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Search engine optimization is a multi-level set of processes and activities that make your website a relevant source of information in the eyes of search engines.

How exactly does it work? In short, for example, Google’s search results are influenced by a wide range of factors like backlinks, website structure, technical characteristics, content relevance, etc. In order to move the web property to the very top of the first page, you’ll need to take into account all those factors, apply them correctly while keeping an eye on your competitors’ activities as well.

This topic reaches a completely new level of importance as search engines have already become the main starting point for millions of people looking to solve their problems, fulfill their needs or simply making purchases online, on a daily basis.

In most cases, people use search engines with one single goal in mind — to find an immediate and the most relevant answer to their question. Search engines take this fact into account and, as a result, they try to show the most appropriate and useful information on the pages. But there is a problem.

It is a generally accepted fact that more than 90% of all search queries worldwide are fulfilled with the first page results of a certain search engine (let it be Google). Hence, if your website is located somewhere beyond the first page, most likely you’ll get zero attention and, as a result, traffic. You can’t allow it to happen. That’s when SEO comes into play.

Our professionals have been “in the game” for more than 10 years, helping businesses of different sizes to achieve long term websites’ rankings and desired revenue numbers.

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How We Can Help

How Does SEO Services Agency Generally Work?

If you decide to outsource SEO services to anyone, there are some cons in working with a generic SEO service company or online marketing agency that you need to be aware of. We’ll just list a few of them here:

  • Tens or sometimes even hundreds of clients are served simultaneously;
  • A wide range of online marketing and IT services (from PPC to Web development and Web design).


Our Attitude Towards Those Issues:

  • We’re a boutique type SEO services agency that treats every company like a partner, not a client.
  • We’re specialists. We’re 100% focused on search engine optimization only.

Why Work With Us

  • We are specialists. We don't do full-cycle internet marketing + Web design + Web development + Call center etc. We're heavily focused on SEO only - last 10+ years and on a high level.
  • We are a boutique SEO marketing firm. We don't work with 50-70 clients simultaneously. If we work with you, you'll be our partner not a client.
  • We've been successfully promoting businesses across 15+ countries (including China) and various languages.
  • No long-term contracts. We work on bringing the best possible results every month.
  • Full-cycle SEO. We can cover each and every aspect of SEO process. Need link building help for your SAAS or even SEO agency? No problem. We can handle it.
  • Transparency. We don't hide our fees in your budget like other SEO firms. You know exactly what you pay for and why.
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Our SEO Process

  • Compehensive research
  • Recommendations list
  • SEO strategy and direction
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Analytics infrastructure setup
  • Link building
The 1st step is comprehensive research. A valuable tool for identifying current problems and major growth points of your website. It includes:
  • Technical SEO audit (redirects, duplicate pages, mobile version, site speed, etc.)
  • Competitive analysis (tech side, website structure, content, link building strategies etc.)
  • On-page review (website structure, keyword strategy, interlinking, etc.)
  • Website content check (topics, structure, blog usage, etc.)
  • Link building audit (backlink profile, links quality, link building strategy, etc.)
The 2nd step is the exhaustive recommendations list on how to fix all technical and structural issues quickly and properly. We supply your dev team with a document detailing how to effectively prepare your website for the long term traffic growth.
The 3rd step is overall SEO strategy and direction for the next 3-6 months (which includes keyword, content and link building strategies). Based on our research, your goals, priorities, and resources we create a blueprint that will shape all SEO activities during the next 3-6 months of our cooperation.
After that, we pick TOP100 keywords to optimize for (in the first place) based on your priorities and business goals.

Then we start with TOP10 keywords based on your business and market landscape analysis.
We help your marketing team to come up with an effective content strategy in order to not only maximize our SEO efforts but also deliver a relevant message to your customer in the right place at the right time.
All the necessary analytics and marketing infrastructure setup. Prior to the active phase of link building, we need to make sure that all marketing stack is in place for effective analysis and optimization of our SEO activities.
Once a certain portion of the content is developed, we gradually start our diverse link building campaigns in order to establish a strong and natural backlink profile for your website. This is one of the most important phases of modern search engine optimization which requires a well-thought-out strategy and a highly experienced team.

What our clients say

Why You Need SEO In 2020

Nowadays Search engine optimization has become an integral part of modern marketing toolbox for every company all over the world. With Google owning the throne in almost every part of the world, it is still quite hard to keep track of its rapidly changing and evolving landscape of algorithm updates, leave alone the most effective existing strategies, tactics, and overall SEO standards and trends. One of the biggest fears of every business is to remain unnoticed by its potential clients. A quite reasonable concern, especially today. If you can’t be found by anyone, you’re dead. Businesswise. Period.

Every SEO campaign we work on and all the search engine optimization services we provide has an underlying strategic approach that was thoroughly tested and verified through thousands of promoted websites across the globe.



Our Results

How Fast You’ll Get The Results

SEO is not an overnight success story and it’s important to understand that. It takes time, experience and effort. But if done right, the value is tremendous and worth every second of hard work. In the era of growth hacking, “tips and tricks” become more and more popular and desirable. Especially among new people seeking their best luck in online marketing or SEO. While original tactics might bring quick and temporary wins, it’s crucial to have someone (individual or professional SEO company) with foundational knowledge and experience and who’s able to separate the wheat from the chaff when necessary.

It’s highly important to understand that in order to get to the TOP of the search results you’ll not only need the most effective SEO strategy out there but also a strong well-coordinated team which, by working as a single mechanism on a daily basis, is able to execute on it. Good news! Don’t look any further. If you need SEO help, you’ve already found the professional team which gets most of their work from happy clients’ recommendations. Just fill out the form below and we’ll jump on the call, as soon as possible, to consult you absolutely for free!



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