What Is International SEO?

International search engine optimization is a part of an overall SEO strategy that mainly focused on adjusting a website to target geography and language. The major goal of quality international SEO services is to make sure the website is 100% optimized and works correctly in every country you want to get clients from.

Why Is It Important?

In the era of globalization, almost every business owner thinks of expanding his company’s operations to international markets. Establishing a strong brand name across the globe is a compelling endeavor that might result in a lucrative outcome if done right. Reaching a global audience has never been easier in the history of mankind than it is nowadays.

But, as with everything, it is easier said than done. Every country and every market has a wide range of its own nuances. Different culture, language, and mentality vastly influence people’s decision-making process and plays a key role when it comes to doing business outside of your native environment. Moreover, competition never sleeps and some markets are way fiercer than others. That is the reason why having a comprehensive business strategy and deep marketing toolbox has become even more essential than it used to be in the past. 

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How International SEO Firm Can Help You With Growth

Today proper SEO strategy will make or break your brand establishment in the long run, the same as proper business positioning and differentiation. Search engines have become an integral part of our decision-making process. Being on the 1st page of search results is not a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity. The difference between being present on the first page and on the second is extreme. Like having a profitable and flourishing business and completely insolvent venture. Even though international search engine optimization may sound a bit complex at first. In reality, the general process is quite similar to the national promotion, but with a few additional ‘tweaks’.

The short list below outlines the most crucial phases that have to be executed by anyone (in-house team, international SEO consultant or international SEO firm), who wants to achieve significant results. Worth saying that before actually moving internationally, every company should take into account all possible business-related nuances (like market size, competition, logistics, messaging, resources available, etc.). It might seem obvious, but ignoring those steps can eventually turn into a quite costly experience. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, international SEO is especially valuable for companies that are ready and willing to move their performance to the next level in terms of traffic, clients and revenue growth.


Our International SEO Services include

  • Website structure planning, technical audit and fixes
  • Competitive research
  • International SEO strategy
  • International keyword research
  • International content strategy guidance
  • On-page optimization
  • International link building
For international SEO the general process looks quite similar to whether you move nationally, locally or internationally. But with some distinctions. At the very beginning, we have to make sure that the website is 100% technically ready for international growth. At this stage, our responsibility is to be certain that your website has an efficient 'skeleton' not only businesswise, but also considering all existing SEO nuances. While working on the website structure, we diagnose, identify and fix all potential technical issues (with international emphasis) that might hinder organic traffic acquisition long term.
After that, we analyze the main competitors (TOP 10). Our goal here is to identify existing 'gaps' and growth points in the market. We check everything thoroughly. Starting from their website structures, technical state, content and ending with backlink profile and current link building strategies.
Based on the information we obtain on the previous steps, and our superficial keyword research, we construct an international SEO strategy for the next 3-6 months. Keep in mind that it might be updated regularly due to the rapid dynamics of the ever-changing competitive landscape.
After finishing with the structure, competitors and international strategy, we start digging more deeply into the available keyword variations and topics. Our keyword research here is segmented and prioritized by language and country. Depending on the resources available, we start moving in one picked direction (language-country) or several directions simultaneously.
At the next step, we help you, your CMO, internal marketing or SEO team to come up with an effective content strategy considering all available data and target audience peculiarities.
Before writing and publishing the actual content, we help your content writers with articles structure (taking into account the on-page SEO nuances) in order to get the most organic traffic from our efforts in the future.
Having organized content strategy and some portion of written content, we gradually launch our international link building campaigns targeted towards one or several languages.

What our clients say

International SEO Company You Can Rely On

As stated above, expanding internationally demands a sturdy foundation and sufficient resources. The most precious one is time.

In order to move quickly and efficiently — carefully hired, well-educated and professionally managed people are required.

Marketing and SEO is not an exception in general. If you’ve decided that international expansion is your company’s priority, having an expert or even a group of experts, you can rely on, is a super useful option.

Sometimes international SEO company is a necessary lever for your business which can make the desired leap forward more smooth and seamless.



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At GrowthLoops, we pride ourselves on having a tremendous international experience.

From the USA to China, Australia, Europe, and Russia, our specialists were able to bring significant results in terms of website visibility, traffic, and revenue for companies across the globe. Through our extensive network of partners, we’re always taking into account the deep cultural qualities of various countries and nations, in order to adapt our SEO strategy in the most effective way possible.

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