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What Local SEO Is All About?

Local SEO is a set of activities focused on optimizing website visibility in Google search results and Google maps across a certain geographic area. Effective local SEO services are the tool that helps to bring a new high-intent audience to your website, increase foot traffic to your physical store or office, expand client database and improve overall revenue numbers.

Of course, besides Google, there are other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. However, Google domination is so huge these days (especially in North America and Europe) that when we generally talk about SEO services for local businesses, in most cases we mean Google. But frankly, while working on any SEO strategy, we still take into account Bing, Yahoo and Apple Maps nuances in order to maximize local exposure.

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Why Is It Important?

Nowadays, local search engine optimization has become absolutely critical for specialists, small and medium-size business owners that serve clients only from a certain city, state, province or even region. With years, competition is getting more and more severe in almost every industry out there. It’s a harsh truth and no one is able to change this fact. In order to establish a stable position in the market, companies are ready to fight for clients with everything they’ve got. In this reality, local SEO becomes a strategic weapon. Business owners who’re ready to embrace this new norm, evolve and expand their toolset, are going to win long term.

In 2020 the vast majority of people are searching locally for different services and products. They prefer local shops, gyms, flower stores, local lawyers and insurance companies over national or international.

But, it’s important to bear in mind that most of them don’t generally go further beyond the first page of search results (especially on mobile). That means if you’re on the second page, most likely you’ll be ignored. Therefore, gaining and maintaining the maximum of local visibility stays the main priority for strategic companies interested in efficient and profitable operations.

At the same time, the process of how Google prioritizes search results has changed over time. Currently, its algorithm, which is able to process massive data sets in quite short periods of time, gives preference to local variants that it deems relevant to user’s search queries. Hence, people who’re searching for a professional lawyer, real estate agent or dentist will see websites of local companies or specialists in the first place (without even adding locations). That’s basically the reason why local search engine optimization services considered to be the most cost-effective solution for small businesses to promote themselves nowadays.


Why work with us

  • We are specialists. We don't do full-cycle internet marketing + Web design + Web development + Call center etc. We're heavily focused on SEO only - last 10+ years and on a high level.
  • We are boutique SEO marketing firm. We don't work with 50-70 clients simultaneously. If we work with you, you'll be our partner not a client.
  • We've been successfully promoting businesses across 15+ countries (inluding China) and various languages.
  • No long term contracts. We work on bringing the best possible results every month.
  • Full-cycle SEO. We can cover each and every aspect of SEO process. Need link building help for your SAAS or even SEO agency? No problem. We can handle it.
  • Transparency. We don't hide our fees in your budget like other SEO firms. You know exactly what you pay for and why.
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How To Choose A Local SEO Agency

Deep expertise, good track record, and happy customers are three pillars that represent a legitimate local SEO firm. Do not underestimate the amount of time and experience required to become a real expert. A person who passed a training a few weeks ago and decided to work with clients for a few dollars (or even for free), helping to ‘hack the way’ to the top spot of search results, is probably not the best choice.

Generally, search engine optimization associated with local companies or specialists includes the same list of steps necessary to make any website visible and competitive in Google (Bing or Yahoo).

Our Local SEO Process

  • Technical optimization
  • Competitive research
  • Local SEO strategy
  • Local keyword research
  • Content strategy creation and management
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
It is often thought that links are everything in modern search engine optimization. In reality, it can't be further from the truth. You can't win the race with a broken car even though you'll be on the best fuel in the universe. Having a technically sound and functioning website is the main prerequisite to your business success.

That's why website structure, robots, sitemap, various duplicates, redirects, site speed, and a lot of other things have to be carefully checked. In addition, having properly optimized landing pages (within your website) for local organic traffic is extremely important.
As you know, competition is one of the main factors that people take into account before entering a new market and starting their new venture. Therefore, exploring your main competitors and keeping tabs on what they do on a regular basis is important. This is an activity that can't be and shouldn't be skipped or overlooked because the consequences might be really unpleasant.

We analyze your top 10 competitors from head to toes, inside out. What they do today and what they did last week. What kind of content they produce, how they do it. What links they build, why they do it and how often.
Next, having all the necessary data in our pocket, we start building a bespoke local SEO strategy for your business for the next three or six months (taking into account your long term and short term business goals).
We do keyword research in 2 phases. Firstly, superficial one, to understand your industry, competitors and potentially the best strategic route for website optimization and promotion. Then, we go deeper and explore all available keyword clusters that might be untouched by other players, yet represent the best growth points for your business in terms of ROI.
Any content strategy should be adapted to a certain target audience, its decision-making process and overall journey towards becoming customers. We'll guide you and your team in the direction that will help to maximize our joint efforts and set everything on the right track in the long run.
Every piece of content that you publish should be prepared and optimized according to the best practices of a search engine that we want to acquire traffic from. Ignoring them will result in unwanted ramifications that might kill overall website performance.
The last, but not the least is off-page optimization which includes various link building campaigns, Google My Business page optimization and Local citations audit and optimization. Also, we'll make sure your business is visible and attractive on Google maps.



One Local SEO Services Company You’ll Ever Need

Establishing a solid foundation for your web property is immensely important, no matter what type of business you represent (local, national or international). Having fast, properly working website with optimized content and structure is absolutely crucial for long term success. Link building campaigns won’t be efficient enough without it. Any local SEO company or local SEO expert that states the opposite is not interested in your prosperous future. Period. That’s why we pay our particular attention to these things before we spend a single dollar.

How Much Time Does An Average Local SEO Agency Need To Show Results?

Well, it really depends on your specific market and industry. Some locations and services are highly competitive and require months and months of hard work to establish strong visibility and rankings. But for others, it might be a relatively easy task with a few weeks of proper and consistent work.

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