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Technical SEO Audit: How, What and Why

An SEO audit is definitely the best and absolutely crucial starting point for any website when it comes to strategic search engine optimization. It is the number one way to figure out not only the exact reasons of why your website is underperforming in terms of rankings but also growth levers with the biggest potential to move the needle for your business. In fact, website SEO audits set a sturdy foundation and plays the role of fuel for dynamic and long term growth for any website nowadays!

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When Do You Need An SEO Audit?

  • You’ve noticed a gradual or steep drop in organic search traffic or your rankings
  • You’re not satisfied with current website performance and want to improve an overall situation in terms of traffic and revenue
  • You’re moving a website to another CMS or simply conducting a major backend update and want to make sure that your current performance won’t suffer
  • You’re planning a complete overhaul, restructure or redesign of the current website and want to make sure that its rankings will remain the same

What Exactly An SEO Audit Is?

An SEO audit is a set of activities associated with a thorough website analysis based on the list of ranking factors that are highly important to search engines. In its core, the process consists of and mainly focused on the identification of the following things:

  • current issues that hinder website growth;
  • potential growth points and already existing opportunities.

After that, based on information that was found during the analysis, the list of prioritized recommendations is created.


Complete SEO Audit Consists Of

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • On-page SEO Audit
  • Link building audit
  • Content SEO audit

The main goal of any tech audit is identification and description of all tech errors that exist and are critical for your website’s performance as of now.
It includes checking the following things: indexation, GSC data, redirects, duplicated pages, URLs structure, site speed and a lot more.

A technical audit is the most crucial component in the entire SEO audit. The reason it takes the first priority is that without strong and properly optimized tech infrastructure your website won’t grow long-term. Well, in reality, it can, but it will be performing in “low gear” 100%.

An on-page audit is a big section of activities in itself because it includes the examination of all individual pages of your website and their elements. It includes checking the following: website structure, meta tags, page headings, keyword strategy, interlinking, UX/UI, etc.

All the elements of On-page SEO audit are highly important for ranking success and can’t be disregarded.

SEO Link Audit

An SEO link audit is a super vital component for anyone looking to outperform his competition and remain good-looking in the eyes of search engines. It mainly includes the examination of the following elements: website backlink profile, backlinks type, and quality, link building strategy, etc.

Without conducting a thorough link audit you won’t be able to adjust your current backlink profile state and general direction of active or future link building campaigns. And that directly impacts the authority and rankings of your website. Which in turn impacts your organic search traffic volume and revenue numbers.

SEO Content Audit

The main purpose of any SEO content audit is to figure out how your indexable content performs in general. Which type of topics, articles and website pages bring the best and the worst results in terms of traffic, leads and sales. And then, based on the obtained information, plan out some alterations to the existing content strategy and publishing activities.

Nowadays, content and its quality are very important. For everyone. For search engines and potential clients. In order to rank your website more or less successfully for any set of keywords, you’ll need content (text, images, videos, etc.). But the thing is that it also has to be engaging and informative enough for people who’re about to read it. The balance between quantity and quality is advisable. But thinking of people in the first place while keeping in mind search engines is absolutely necessary.

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In 2020, organic search traffic is probably the most valuable and cost-effective source of clients for every small or medium-size business across the globe. More than ever in the history of mankind, people try to solve their problems and satisfy their current needs on the go. While standing in line, commuting to work or just trying to find the best cafe nearby, they resort to search engines seeking the best possible local variants out there. And it’s extremely important to be there when they are looking for someone like you, like your company. If you’ve decided that you need a proper and complete SEO audit, it’s definitely better to have it done by professionals.

We’re a team of experts that delivered hundreds of comprehensive high-quality audits to various companies during the last few years. If you really want to bring your website performance to the next level and it’s your current priority, just fill out the form below!


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